Flood Insurance in Florida

Flood insurance is worth carrying since most homeowner's insurance policies do not cover flood damage. Also, Florida is a state where flooding is very common due to the amount of rain we get here. We can help you choose the right type of flood insurance policy here at Zenith Insurance Group. There are many flood claims that come in in zone areas that are not even considered high risk. This is even more of a reason to acquire a flood insurance policy.

Flood Insurance Laws

There are some things that you should keep in mind when it comes to acquiring flood insurance in Florida. If you own a home in a high-risk flood area, you must obtain flood insurance if your mortgage is associated with a federally regulated bank. All homes that are located in either low risk or moderation risk areas are not required to carry flood insurance but remember that your lender may make it mandatory. It is highly recommended for all homeowners who reside in Florida to obtain a policy due to the high risk of flooding throughout the entire state. 20% of claims related to flood insurance come from low to moderate risk flood zone areas.

Flood Insurance Coverage

There are various flood insurance policies that you can choose from. For example, you can choose additional living expenses which is a policy that allows you to obtain money if you are not able to live in your home due to flood damage. This money would be used for meals and lodging temporarily. You can also choose a basement contents policy that gives you coverage for things such as washing machines and even freezers. You can count on the replacement for damaged items for furniture and clothing.


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