Renters Insurance in Florida

The best way to protect your belongings against water damage, theft, wind damage, and even fire, renter’s insurance is the best route to go. We can assist you by getting the right policy for your own protection. Keep in mind that your landlord will have coverage, however, there is a lot that is not included which is why you would need to obtain your own policy.

Renters Insurance Laws Florida

There are no laws in Florida that require renters to obtain insurance. However, it is a coverage that is highly recommended if you are someone that is renting either an apartment or a house. They are great to have because you can get the much-needed protection for both liability and certain losses. There are also landlords that may require renters to purchase renter's insurance. If this is the case, you must obtain a policy in order to rent.

Renters Insurance Coverage Options

There are various policies to choose from when it comes to renter’s insurance such as:

  • Coverage C- This policy option will protect any of your belongings that are either on or off your property. This coverage will also give your guests protection for any of their belongings while they are on your property.
  • Coverage D- This coverage will cover you if you experience a total loss while you are renting, and your living space becomes uninhabitable. This policy will temporarily give you alternate housing while your home is being replaced or repaired.
  • Coverage E- This policy is good to have because it will protect you in the event someone was to file a lawsuit against you for property damage or bodily injury.
  • Coverage F- This policy is great to have because it takes care of medical payments for others if they were to get injured while visiting your residence.


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