Zenith Insurance Group

Life is all about risks and investments. At Zenith Insurance Group we attempt to help Florida residents find a good balance between these risks and investments. You have spent a lot of time and money investing in your home, your family, your health and your possessions. Understanding how to best protect these investments is what insurance is all about. We offer a full line of insurance policies to cover every important aspect of your life.

Home/Renter's Insurance

Whether you own your home or you are renting, having the right insurance in place is crucial.

Homeowners face special risk factors if their home is damaged due to fire, storms, or burglary they could be left financially vulnerable in the wake of the expenses. Let us help you put together the perfect homeowner's insurance policy to provide the coverage you need for peace of mind.

Renters often overlook the need for insurance because they do not own their home. Renter's however, are also in a special risk factor because should their home experience damage or theft, the repair or replacement of their personal possessions will come entirely out of pocket. Renter's insurance is there to ensure this does not happen and you can repair or replace your items.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is an investment you make for your loved ones, in the event of your passing. This investment will secure your family's financial future.


Protecting your vehicles, whether car, motorcycle, or other, it is an important step to protecting your financial security. Vehicles can be dangerous, and if your vehicle causes damage to another vehicle or to a person, you could be held liable for those expenses. In addition to this, the replacement of the vehicle or repairs will come out of your pocket. Vehicle insurance is there to make sure this doesn't happen and you are not left paying.

If you would like to learn more about our insurance products in Florida, please contact our friendly staff today.