Classic Car Insurance in Florida

Classic cars can be both a fun hobby and a great investment. Classic car enthusiasts understand the time and money that go into these vehicles. We want to help classic car owners in Florida protect these beautiful machines. Keep reading to learn about how we can help ensure your classic cars.

Is Regular Auto Insurance Enough?

Classic cars, custom cars, and antique cars all fall into special valuation categories. This means that their value is not estimated like a regular vehicle. In order for an automobile to be insured correctly, it must first be valued correctly. A regular auto insurance policy will not take into account the money and special attention that has been invested in a classic car. This is why a classic car insurance policy is recommended.

How Will My Vehicle Be Evaluated?

Each classic or customized car is different, which is what makes them so special. In order to have your vehicle valued properly, you will need to speak with an insurance representative. Each policy can be customized to the individual and their individual vehicle. This way you can be sure that your special car is valued properly and thus insured properly.

When Should I Update My Policy?

Another unique aspect of classic car insurance is the need to have your policy updated annually. Regular auto insurance may not need to be updated this often, but classic cars are different. As classic cars age, their value changes drastically. Having your auto policy updated annually will ensure that you are always covered properly. There are other factors other than age that can also change the value of a classic car. These factors can be discussed on a one on one basis when you speak with an insurance representative.

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