Home Insurance in Florida

Your home is the largest purchase you will probably ever make. It represents a substantial portion of your net worth and is vital to the life of your family. Despite the cost and complication, homeowners' insurance is vital to protect your investment from a financially crippling claim. The professionals at Zenith Insurance Group are here to help you choose the right kind of insurance for your home


There are limits placed on every policy, and standard insurance has a maximum payment amount, which may or may not cover the cost to rebuild your home or purchase a similar home in the same neighborhood. Most policies will not cover some natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes, and these are optional for addons for an additional cost. Our team will help you pick the right policy based on your location in Florida.

Amount to Buy

It’s confusing to determine how much insurance to purchase, regardless of what company you have. Most lenders will usually require you to have enough coverage to pay for damage to the house. When you work with the team here, we’ll help you determine if it makes financial sense to include additional coverage for items in your home or any additional coverage.

Complex Buying Process

Shopping for the best homeowners' policy is overwhelming. You must figure out the rates, options, and reputation of the company. All the details will start to overlap, and you’ll be left more confused than when you started. You can rest assured knowing that you are in good hands with Zenith Insurance Group to navigate through the challenging world of insurance.

Get A Policy 

Home is where the heart is, and you’ll want to remember all the positive memories from living at your house. In the event of the unforeseen, Zenith Insurance Group is here to help you return to normalcy. Get all the information you'll need by getting in touch with us today for your next Florida home insurance policy.