RV Insurance in Florida

If you are a happy owner of an RV, one of the investments that you need to make for your mobile home is RV insurance. It works just like regular auto insurance: it protects you, as an owner and driver from any damage or liability caused by an accident, and other people involved in it. Each state has its own requirements regarding RV insurance.

  • The state of Florida requires all mobile homes to be insured. The exceptions are trailers, campers, and fifth wheels towed behind a car. They do not have to have their own policy, but getting coverage for them is still highly recommended.
  • An RV can be insured for up to 250 days a year. It will give you more than enough time for traveling and enjoying your extended vacations.
  • The minimum coverage you have to carry for your RV equals the basic liability coverage required for other vehicles. However, since in most cases the minimum coverage is not enough, it makes sense to consider getting additional coverage. The additional coverage may include accident forgiveness, diminishing deductible, pet coverage, and others.
  • If you use your RV as a temporary residence, it is also recommended to purchase vacation liability.
  • RV insurance does not cover personal belongings, as well as any type of business conducted inside the mobile home.

Enjoy Your Safe Travel With RV Insurance

Shopping for RV insurance might be challenging. We are ready to help you and handle your insurance needs. Call our agency today to learn more about the coverages available and find a perfect plan for your mobile home based on your budget and needs.

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