Things that home insurance doesn’t cover

Florida is a popular place to live. It is more than just the warm weather that attracts people, it is the affordability. That is why so many retirees head south when they retire. Florida has its own unique risks for homeowners and having a good home insurance policy is a must. At Zenith Insurance Group in Pinellas County, we are independent insurance agents, which means we work for our customers, not the insurance companies. We have relationships with many top carriers to make sure our customers have lots of choices. 


Without a doubt, the most significant thing that home insurance excludes is flooding. Flooding is a major danger in many parts of the country and causes major damage. Home insurance does not cover flooding. In order to have protection, you will need to buy a specific flood insurance policy either through the NFIP or through a private company. 

Sewer backup

What could be more disgusting than having your sewer back up into your home? Finding out that it is not covered by your home insurance certainly may come as quite a shock. You can, however, purchase a rider to have this protection. 

Earth movement

In some parts of the country, the worry here is earthquakes or landslides. In Florida, the main concern with earth movement is sinkholes and they are not covered under your home insurance. Again, you could add a rider to include sinkholes or get a dedicated sinkhole policy. 

Owner neglect

This covers quite a lot of areas, including pest infestations. If you have termites or carpenter ants, your home insurance won’t cover the damage. Mold is also not covered except in certain circumstances. It is up to you as a homeowner to maintain your home. 

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