What’s the difference between commercial insurance and commercial vehicle insurance?

As a business owner, you need insurance coverage to meet your legal and contractual obligations. It would also be best to have insurance at a level where you are comfortable with your risk exposure. One risk exposure hazard to some businesses is the failure to protect themselves with commercial vehicle insurance, relying instead on personal insurance coverage.

To avoid this and other commercial insurance mistakes, allow our Zenith Insurance Group team, serving Pinellas County, to create a commercial vehicle insurance plan that meets your business’s needs.

Commercial Versus Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Small businesses come in many shapes and sizes. Your commercial insurance needs depend on many issues, including your business type, the number of employees, and whether you use motor vehicles to conduct your business.

Business owners generally recognize that operating a business brings risks, so they acquire Workers’ Compensation, General Liability, Commercial Property, and similar coverages. Less recognized, especially by small business owners, is the need for commercial vehicle insurance. Some business owners believe their personal insurance policies provide adequate coverage when using their personal vehicles for business purposes, but that is untrue.

Only-commercial vehicle policies cover vehicles:

-Owned by the company or driven for work purposes by you or an employee

-That transport goods, tools, or people for work

So, if you use your personal vehicle for business purposes, you should acquire commercial vehicle insurance to ensure you have fully protected yourself and your business.

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