Keeping your home safe while you are away on vacation

It has been a long time since most folks have been away on vacation and this year everyone wants to get out and do things. But, while you are away, you need your home to be safe. At Zenith Insurance Group in Pinellas County, FL, we want all of our customers to feel safe knowing that they are well insured against most of the perils that could befall their homes. 

We offer you the following tips:

Don’t announce your vacation on social media

Everyone wants to share their excitement about vacation but we suggest you resist the temptation. The fewer people who know you will be away the better. Only tell those people who will be actively involved in your vacation. If someone is checking in at your home, they need to know the exact dates. If you have a trusted neighbor, you may want to let them know so they can keep an eye out for unusual activity. 

Stop your mail delivery

You can pause your mail delivery on the US Post office website, but always do it at least a day in advance so you can be sure that it is actually stopping.  Make sure that you don’t have auto-delivery scheduled while you are away. You don’t want a package sitting at your front door. 

Park a car in your driveway

If a car is in the driveway, it looks like someone is at home. 

Have lights that turn on automatically

Having different lights turning on at different times in different rooms gives the impression that someone is in the house. 

Set your alarm

It sounds like a no-brainer, but in the excitement of departure, it could be overlooked. Now go and have a relaxing vacation.

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