Does Florida home insurance cover hurricane damage?

At Zenith Insurance Group, we want you to fully understand how your home insurance helps protect you against financial loss related to your Pinellas County home. Late spring and summer bring hurricane season, but your home insurance protects your home investment against hurricane-strength winds.

Florida Home Policies Cover Hurricanes

Although some states require separate hurricane policies, Florida does not. Although you need flood insurance to cover rising water flood damage, every state in the US follows that federal law regarding flood insurance. Your home policy from our insurance agency protects your home from wind damage and water damage that occurs due to wind damage.

Damage Types Covered

Let’s consider what that means. If high winds tear open your roof, then water enters through that hole, your home insurance covers that water damage. If your home only undergoes rising water flood damage, only flood insurance covers it.

The majority of hurricane damage, including downed trees and limbs, missing shingles, roof damage, siding damage, and lightning damage, home insurance policies in Florida typically cover. The home policy only exempts rising water flood damage.

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