Auto Insurance Basics

Staying safe and legal on the road is highly dependent on keeping proper insurance on your vehicles. Zenith Insurance Group,  serving the residents of Pinellas County, can help you make the best insurance choices.

Here are some auto insurance basics that you need to know:

Never Let Coverage Lapse

It is crucial that you get auto insurance in place and never let the coverage lapse. A lapse in coverage is when you fail to renew or pay for your policy and the coverage ends. This can cause you several problems. You will not be able to legally drive the vehicle and you could lose your registration status for the vehicle. To avoid these issues, always keep coverage active. 

Stay Properly Insured

Most states have a required minimum insurance coverage they will allow in order to operate your vehicle on the roads. However, you should keep in mind that the minimum required coverage is not the same as full coverage. 

Minimum– A minimum required policy will only pay for damages that you might cause to another vehicle or injuries that you might cause to another driver. This type of coverage will provide nothing for your own vehicle damage or injuries. 

Full– Full coverage will provide both for you and the other drivers involved if you are the cause of an accident. In addition, if your vehicle is damaged due to a natural disaster, storm, fire, or theft, you can also be paid for repairs or replacement of the vehicle. 

Report All Drivers 

It is also important that you keep your insurance updated to always reflect any new drivers that are being added to your household. This includes teen drivers or anyone else who is allowed to drive the car on a regular basis. 

Get Auto Insurance Today

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