Why condo insurance is a must-have in Florida

If you are a condo owner in Pinellas County or are considering making a purchase soon, Zenith Insurance Group can help you with all of your condo insurance needs. Purchasing insurance for your home can feel like a lot because of the different options that are available. We don’t want you to feel like you are drowning in information, and are here to help you make the decision that is right for your needs.

Why condo insurance is so important

Because there are a number of different residences within the condominium, it’s important to know exactly what coverage you need when it comes to protecting your home. Our team will review your needs with you in order for you to determine what type of policy and what coverage level is appropriate for your condo unit.

There are a lot of different ways that a condo board can operate, and different insurance requirements depending on the building and its board and by-laws. Typically, common areas and the structure itself will be covered by the condo policy and your private insurance will cover your unit.

What many residents may not realize, is that there are oftentimes clauses that make owners responsible for any damage to their unit, regardless of who is responsible for the damage. Having comprehensive coverage can help to protect your condo unit if there is damage caused by a covered event. 

We are here to help! 

Zenith Insurance Group is proud to serve the needs of our friends and neighbors in the greater Pinellas County area. If it’s time to review your condo insurance, or you’re making a new purchase, call or stop by today.