Motor Size And Type’s Impact on Boat Insurance

Do you own a boat that has boat insurance?  Do you have any idea as to what impacts the cost of your boat insurance, its limits, deductibles, etc.?  Believe it or not, the size of the motor and the type of motor can play a key role in your boat insurance policy.  Our team at Zenith Insurance Group can help serve folks in the Pinellas County area who own boats and are trying to figure out associated boat insurance.

Motor Type and Size

The type of motor you have is the first driving force behind the cost of your boat insurance policy.  If you have an outboard motor or an inboard motor, that will take some of the insurance cost.  An outboard motor is much easier to replace, thus it could make your boat insurance cheaper.

The size of your motor is also key to boat insurance premium price points, limits, and deductibles.  If you have a small motor with low horsepower, then you are not going to drive forward a boat insurance policy that requires super high limits, as the cost to replace that motor is not as high.  A super high-end motor with extreme horsepower will change your boat insurance policy dramatically.

Other Considerations

There are other considerations you have to keep in mind when it comes to the motor on your boat and boat insurance.  The motor’s age and where you drive the boat can also have an impact.  There are so many variables that it is critical to understand the best path forward if you shop for boat insurance.  Our team at Zenith Insurance Group can help you understand boat insurance in Pinellas County and abroad.

How To Prepare Your Boat For Hurricane Season

At Zenith Insurance Group, we provide boat insurance to residents of Florida. We are here to provide you with tips ahead of the hurricane season for optimal protection of your watercraft. 

How To Prepare Your Boat For Hurricane Season

When Is Hurricane Season In Pinellas County, Florida?

Powerful storms batter the Florida coast every hurricane season, bringing unpredictable weather, strong winds, and heavy rains. The Atlantic Hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30, but storms outside this timeframe can occur.

For Pinellas County boaters, taking the proper steps to protect their vessels is critical.

How Can Pinellas County Residents Protect Their Boats?

While hurricanes pose a threat to boats along the Florida coast, there are actions boat owners can take to protect their investment in their boats. 

  • If you can trailer the boat, bring it out of the water and inland as part of an evacuation plan.
  • Remove all loose items from the deck, including small equipment such as outboard motors, sails, and expensive electronics, and store them somewhere safe.
  • Secure and lock all hatches, ports, and windows. 
  • Fully charge all batteries and turn off electronics, except for bilge pumps. 
  • If keeping the boat in the water, add extra dock lines. Give your anchor or dock lines more leeway than usual to accommodate rising waters.
  • Before hurricane season, purchase boat insurance from a reliable agency such as Zenith Insurance Group.

Even after making these preparations, never attempt to ride out a severe storm aboard your boat. These dangerous weather events are unpredictable and intense.

Can Boat Insurance Help? 

Hurricanes are unpredictable, and even the best preparations can fail. Boat insurance through a seasoned, reliable agency such as Zenith Insurance Group will protect your vessel. Ultimately, boat insurance is the best way for boaters to protect their investment from loss during severe weather.

Contact Us Today

If you want to prepare for hurricane season, reach out to the Zenith Insurance Group team today. Our professional agents understand boaters’ needs and will help you understand your coverage options. 

Is Boat Insurance Required By Law?

Although boat insurance is not legally required in Florida, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t opt for coverage. With recreational boating on the rise and more people taking to the waterways every day, the risk of an accident is at an all time high. The only way to protect yourself, your passengers, your boat, and others on the water is to carry adequate insurance coverage.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover:

Although coverage may vary from policy to policy, your boat insurance policy is likely to include the following:

  • Liability Coverage: Covers both property and bodily damage if you are deemed to be at fault in an accident.
  • Towing: If your boat or watercraft is disabled, towing coverage provides monetary support for towing your boat to a marina or harbor of your choosing.
  • Collision and Comprehensive Coverage: If your boat is damaged in an accident or a covered incident such as theft or vandalism, this coverage helps pay for the repairs.
  • Uninsured Boater Coverage: If your boat is damaged or you and your passengers are injured because of an accident involving an uninsured boater, having this coverage means that you won’t be on the hook for repair costs or medical expenses. 

How Should a Boat be Stored?

During the offseason, your boat needs to be stored and protected from the elements. The best option – indoor storage – is also the most expensive choice, but it provides a temperature-controlled environment that is protected from theft, vandalism, and storms. 

When it comes to protecting your boat, let the Zenith Insurance Group in Pinellas County earn your business. Our dedicated team of insurance professionals knows the industry inside out and can answer your questions while customizing a boat insurance policy that meets your needs while staying on budget.